Dr J. LoSavio’s Teaching Blog

Teaching is my jam and my journey.

I’ve had amazing and horrendous experiences as a student, in both my undergraduate and graduate careers. I’ve had fantastic and dismal mentors, and I’ve learnt from all of them. My goal is to be a compassionate mentor, someone who did make a difference.

As an educator in higher education, I’ve had wonderful cohorts of students who made me smile, laugh, and relish every moment I spent with them. I’ve also had cohorts of students who made me want to tear my eyeballs out and collapse into tears. I’ve learnt from them and from all my students in between. My goal is to be open to what my students can teach me and to incorporate those lessons into my pedagogy.

This blog is a glimpse into some of my experiences with my students, and my reflections on the classroom, pedagogy, and the academy. Enjoy reading!

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