Dr LoSavio’s Book Reviews

Butts: A Backstory by Heather Radke

This was an incredibly fun non-fiction to read, the perfect book to carry around in your bag. It’s a conversation starter, a laugh-out-loud-on-the-train commute/waiting room/airplane/sit-by-the-pool-and-watch-butts-walk-by kind of read. I thoroughly enjoyed it on multiple levels. First, on content: Radke’s research is well done. This is not an academic, peer reviewed piece of scholarship, but it…

They’re Going to Love You: A Novel by Meg Howrey

This one is a quiet burn, the kind of novel that leads to a swell of deep and intense emotion at the end. You’re left, Reader, with a sense of loss at the end, a feeling that you’ve experienced something very intimate, that maybe you shouldn’t have, but you had to — and you did…

Great Short Books: A Year of Reading Briefly by Kenneth C. Davis

A book about books! I love it! I don’t usually read books that review other books, but I was interested in building up the classics in my TBR (To Be Read) list and thought, sure, why not? I am so glad I did because Davis’s short reviews, not only of the short book he recommends,…

Wicked City: Stories of Old New York by Clifford Browder

Oooo! What a slick collection of grimy, gruesome peeks under the golden veneer of the Gilded Age! The prose and tales in Wicked City are as smooth as the criminal characters in its pages, which is to say, if you, Reader, are a fan of urban grit and historical fiction, then this is the collection…

Unnatural Ends: A Novel by Christopher Huang

Unnatural Ends reads like a French six-course dinner prepared and delivered by the latest cohort of Top Chef, served in the very classy digs of Downton Abbey, while you and your guests find yourself flung into a live-action Gosford Park; in short, this novel is the quintessential English manor-murder-mystery, updated for the 2022 reader. There…


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Welcome to my Book Review Blog! My reviews have no spoilers, but I will provide a brief plot or outline and my thoughts on them. Sometimes I read them with an eye for course adoption or for use in a classroom, sometimes I’m just reading for fun. I hope my reviews help you find books you love. Enjoy my reviews and thanks for reading. — JL

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