Sample Syllabi, Assignments, & Lectures

Here are samples of some of the actual materials, syllabi, rubrics, and assignments I have used in my History and Anthropology courses.

Syllabi design as well as course design are important elements which can engage or disengage students from the course and materials.

Here’s a sample of an online “lecture” I did for one of my online Anthropology Courses. This video is one of several materials for this course. My aim in the video is to give students an introduction to the mechanics of the course, a “how to be successful” so they can get a feel for who I am and how they can expect the course to unfold. This course is for community college students and is an introduction to Biological and Cultural Anthropology.

These were two of the 3D projects students did. One student examined Roman architecture as a reflection of Roman social hierarchies and printed a 3D mini coliseum. Another tried their hand at experimental archaeology and recreated Mayan pottery using volcanic ash dyes and red clay.

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J. LoSavio