The Black Cell by Wendy Shaia

The Black Cell by Wendy Shaia

This is the dystopian novel of our time. Set in the near future, 2024, in Baltimore, MD, The Black Cell is a novel about blackness, racism, and revolution. The novel centers on the development of a Black Resistance Movement in Baltimore and revolves around the experiences of four Black protagonists, who become involved in some way in this movement. Tasia is a young black single mother, a university student, a young woman trying to understand how to live her life and raise her daughter. Lisa is a young married woman, a wife and mother to two black children, a woman who has internalized the racism of the world, turned that knife inward. She comes to terms with how whitewashed her life has become. Donovan is her male/masculine counterpart, a young, professionally successful black man who has a penchant for white women and who is ashamed of his black culture and heritage. He too comes to a confrontation with himself. Corey is a young black teenager, Tasia’s counterpart, trying to figure out his place in the world and what he can do to make it better.

This novel is ideal for young adult readers, university and high school students, anyone who is at the beginning of their journey towards decolonization, regardless of their own personal heritage and background.

2 thoughts on “The Black Cell by Wendy Shaia”

    1. omg! Thank you for a great novel! (I didn’t want to give too much away about it in my review.) I have already recommended it personally to a few people and put it on my recommended reading list for undergraduate students.

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