London 2010 – Portobello Street Market &tc.

Traveling solo does something to the eyes. It opens them up to things you never noticed before because you were too busy paying attention to another person. In 2010 I got to visit London on my own, and since I didn’t have a lot of money, I spent a lot of time walking around and just looking at things through my camera. Mind you, it wasn’t a great camera either.

Philadelphia, 2006

My trip to Philly was only a short one, a couple of days over a long summer weekend in 2006, but it was memorable for a variety of reasons: the unique urban cuisine that’s become representative of American culture, the integrated presence of history into the city landscape, and the charm of a modern city that still feels like a neighborhood. I loved how walkable the city was (compared to Chicago where I was living at the time), how easy it was to see all the sites in one day without having to sit through 45 minutes of constant traffic! I didn’t get to visit all the places I wanted to but I was okay with that, because I liked it so much I know I’m going to go back one day.

Malaysia 2010, 2011, 2013

I have so many hundreds of photos of Malaysia and all things Malaysian: people, food, places, sites, random pictures of stray cats. Here I’ve picked some of my favorites from the past three trips there. They’re from all over Malaysia, some from Penang, some from Melaka, one from Pahang when I was in Kuantan. And of course, Kuala Lumpur.

I visited these places in multiple capacities, as a tourist, as a local, as an anthropologist, as a student, as a photographer. Most of the photos are “found”, none of them were posed or premeditated.

Most of these photos were taken using a really cheap-O point and shoot, or my iPhone 4.

“Children of God” (25:17)

In the Summer of 2013 I did an anthropology pilot study that resulted in the making of “Children of God”, an ethnographic, observational film about a non-denominational Christian church group in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Every year they go on a retreat, as a way to build fellowship and for members of the church to renew their faith.

Here’s my blurb from my Vimeo site: “For a few days every year, the congregation of the Praise Sanctuary Church retreats from the city of Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) to the nearby seaside resort town of Port Dickson. It is an event; its purposeful itinerary aims to foster fellowship amongst the church members and to allow each to individually convene with God. This short film is about their 2013 annual retreat and the way in which they experience being “God’s children”.”

And here’s the film. Again, comments and feedback are always welcome.


Cambodia 2013 – Angkor Complex & Phnom Penh

I got the chance last year to visit one of the most amazing places on Earth: Cambodia and specifically, the ruins of Angkor! I took so many photos in Siem Reap and Phnom Penh, my vacation there lasting about 2 weeks, so these photos are only a sampling of the photos I took. I’ve tried to caption them to give some context to the image.

Fourth of July 2014

American Ethnic at its best. Caught the traditional annual fireworks for Independence Day in Decatur, GA. Not knowing where was the best spot to catch the show, we walked through downtown, just following the crowd. Eventually, we turned off down a little side street… Ponce De Leon Place and found ourselves a fantastic view: a clear shot of the sky from below the building where they blow them off.

Just thought I’d mention I took these photos with my iPhone 5S. Well, more specifically, I took a video with my iPhone and then screen shot these photos from the quicktime video. I gussied them up a bit in Photoshop CC, to darken the black and sharpen some of the edges.

Cool Mini or Not Exposition 2014

Attended the Cool Mini Expo here in Atlanta in May 2014. Not all the games here are Cool Mini tabletop games, but they hosted and produced the exposition. I enjoyed snapping these photos and working on them. To date, they’re some of the better photos I’ve taken.